Experience the Freedom of a Modular Backyard Office in Canada

Discover a world where the short commute to your office is just a few steps across your lawn. Our collection presents more than just a workspace - it's a revolution in versatile, sustainable living. Each modern backyard office in our collection is a testament to the balance of style, substance, and practicality, sculpted with the art of innovation. Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat, a productive workspace, or a blend of both, our backyard modular offices offer a perfect sanctuary. The best part? You can bring your backyard home office to life without breaking the bank. Explore the styles below and bring your dream office to life in your very own backyard. The workday just got a makeover.

Discover the Different Styles in Our Modern Backyard Office Collection

Whether you’re looking for a backyard studio office or somewhere you and your team can work in synergy to achieve your goals - Boxd Living has just what you need:

  • Backyard Office 10 x 10

    Discover the unexpected grandeur of compact living with our 10x10 Backyard Office + Space. This versatile design provides a seamless integration of work and leisure spaces, adaptable to your individual needs. Built with weather-resistant materials, it is perfect for year-round use, offering an effective solution to space constraint

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  • Backyard Office 12 x 8.8

    With the 12x8.8 Backyard Office + Space, step into a world where every square foot is meticulously designed to serve you. The blend of workspace and living space provides the perfect platform for creativity and relaxation. Crafted to endure, this model stands tall in any weather, ready to adapt to your needs.

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  • Backyard Office 14 x 8

    The 14x8 Backyard Office + Space redefines what compact living can offer. With this model, you're getting an extra dose of space to suit your dynamic lifestyle. Whether for work, leisure, or a bit of both, this design invites you to customize it to reflect your unique needs and style.

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  • Backyard Office 16 x 8

    The 16x8 Backyard Office + Space showcases a marriage of form and function. Its large footprint provides ample room for both work and relaxation. Enhance your productivity in an environment that supports your creativity and peace of mind. With myriad customizable options, you can truly make this space your own.

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  • Backyard Office 18 x 8

    The 18x8 Backyard Office + Space is a testament to our belief that size doesn't limit functionality or style. It offers a large, versatile area that's both a productive workspace and a relaxing retreat. Made to last, this model is a long-term solution to space constraints, proving that compact can indeed be grand.

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  • Backyard Office 20 x 8

    At the apex of our backyard office series is the 20x8 Backyard Office + Space. It's more than just a workspace; it's an area that can be anything you envision. This larger size provides the flexibility to create multiple zones within the space, serving a multitude of purposes. Built with durable materials, this office space is designed to withstand all weather conditions, offering you a reliable retreat for work, creativity, and relaxation.

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Never Before Has it Been This Easy or Affordable to Get an Office in the Backyard

These structures represent far more than mere offices - they're an embodiment of your lifestyle. Step into a new era of sustainable living with a backyard office in Canada from Boxd Living. 

Each design optimizes space efficiency, utilizing high-quality materials to create a haven of modern living that doesn't compromise comfort or aesthetics. While the price tag is much lower than our competitors, we maintain high-quality standards. All of this is to say you can rest assured you’re getting the most out of your budget here with us.

What’s more, you can build an office in the backyard to serve all your needs. These compact models are meticulously planned to tackle space constraints while maintaining versatility. Whether you need a small office in the backyard or a more spacious setup, we offer the flexibility to adapt over time.

Your Own Private Workspace Awaits: Build Your Backyard Home Office in a Few Clicks Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the luxury of a private workspace right in your backyard with Boxd Living. We also have modular homes and tiny homes for sale, and these works of art are worth exploring if you want to go all in on minimizing your footprint while maximizing your lifestyle.

Otherwise, there is only one thing left to do. It’s time to make your backyard home office vision a reality. Remember, your backyard office in Canada is more than just an office - it's a lifestyle choice that underlines productivity, relaxation, and a greener future.


Tailored to Your Needs

Boxdliving offers high-quality, customizable homes and offices, meticulously crafted to meet your unique preferences. Our range of sizes and personalization options cater to diverse requirements and tastes, from cozy offices to spacious family homes.

Innovation Meets Affordability

Combining cutting-edge materials with efficient construction techniques, our structures offer sustainability, energy efficiency, and affordability. Our innovative insulation process translates into significant cost and energy savings for you.

Rapid Assembly and Durability

Our buildings, designed for easy and quick assembly, are resilient against harsh weather conditions. Quality, durability, and ease are embedded in our process, making your transition to a new space as smooth as possible.

Made in Canada, Delivered to Canada & USA

Our homes and offices are proudly manufactured in Canada, tailored to meet the unique needs and weather conditions of our country. Buying from Boxdliving also means supporting local industry and craftsmanship. We're not just providing a building; we're establishing a long-term relationship centered around your satisfaction.