Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boxdliving?

Boxdliving is a tiny home manufacturing company seeking to innovate and revolutionise the housing industry.  We strive to offer affordable modular homes, container homes, container offices, and backyard offices of the highest quality, durability that are easy to set up. We aim to address the global housing affordability and availability crisis, and make having a roof over your head or your personal space more accessible and affordable.

How are Boxdliving homes different from traditional homes?

Boxdliving homes are meticulously crafted using innovative materials and methods. The exterior and interior walls are built with galvanized steel, resulting in a stronger, more durable construction compared to traditional homes. Our homes come fully insulated, making them suitable for diverse weather conditions. They are also built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a traditional home, without compromising on quality or durability. A unique aspect of Boxdliving homes such as The Nook is their foldable nature, which not only allows for easy shipping but also enables a hassle-free and rapid setup process once they reach your location. By integrating these modern construction methods and materials, we strive to redefine what it means to create a 'home.'

Are Boxdliving homes mobile?

Our container homes and container offices are mobile, giving you the flexibility to relocate if needed.

Can I customize my Boxdliving home or office?

Absolutely! We offer a range of customization options for both the interior and exterior of our units.

What sizes do Boxdliving homes and offices come in?

We offer various sizes for our modular homes, container homes, container offices, and backyard offices. Please refer to our product pages for specific dimensions or contact us!

How do I buy a Boxdliving home or office?

You can purchase directly from our website or contact our sales team for assistance.

How are Boxdliving homes and offices shipped?

Our modular homes are foldable, allowing for easy shipping in a container or on a flat deck. For our container homes and offices, we partner with one of the biggest transportation companies in Canada for nationwide delivery.

Are Boxdliving homes and offices affordable?

Yes! Our mission is to make quality housing and offices affordable to everyone. We offer highly competitive prices with our houses being built for a fraction of the cost in an ever rising real estate market in Canada. On top of that with our financing partners we will do our best to get you your Tiny home/space.

What after-sales service and warranty do you provide?

We provide exceptional after-sales service for the lifetime of the product, along with a multi-year warranty.

Are Boxdliving homes and offices approved for use in Canada?

Yes, all our products are CSA Z240 approved, and they can be installed anywhere zoning is approved.

How do Boxdliving homes and offices contribute to solving the housing crisis?

By providing quality, affordable homes and offices, we aim to help tackle the 'missing middle' crisis in the real estate market and contribute to making housing more accessible and affordable for everyone.