About us

The problem we are solving

A single family home on average takes 6-8 months to build with ever increasing construction costs. 

The process is often expensive, tedious, time consuming, complex with unforeseen expenses

And as a result housing affordability is at an all time low and  we here at BoxdLiving are here to change that by bringing down the cost and time it takes to build you your new home.

Houses made of wood have been a popular choice for homeowners but there are a number of challenges that come with owning a wooden house.

One of the most common problems faced by wooden houses is leaks. Over time, wood can deteriorate and become weakened by exposure to moisture, leading to rot and structural instability.

Wooden houses can be less energy efficient compared to houses made of other materials, as wood is a poor insulator. This can lead to higher energy bills in the winter and summer months.

Another concern for wooden houses is termites and leaks which are devastating and costly to repair. Furthermore, wood is a flammable material, and houses made of wood are at a higher risk of catching fire. 

Finally, wooden houses can be more vulnerable to damage from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and severe storms. And while wood is an affordable building material, the cost of maintaining a wooden house can add up over time.

At BoxdLiving using the newest materials such as the highest quality steel, MGO and EPS foam we strive to bring you houses where these problems are a thing of the past.

With a thoroughly insulated and airtight exterior with no air leaks and virtual no heat transfer the Nook consumes half the energy than your average house of the same size bringing your utility bills down and reducing the carbon footprint. 

By having a building shell that is airtight the Nook is the best in its class for water resistant resulting in no mould, no rot or any other damage to the structure of the house increase the security and structural integrity of the home

The Nook has been engineered for maximum resistance against hurricane winds and debris impact.

Steel truss roofing is snow load rated for all of Canada and the USA, able to handle a weight of up to 90kg per square metre of snow.

The building's interior and exterior are constructed with fire-resistant, non-combustible materials making it one of the most structurally sound and secure houses on the market.

With BoxdLiving’s Nook you get the lowest price on the market without sacrificing any of the quality and craftsmanship.

Using state of the art automation, our assembly lines are able to keep up with the demand without sacrificing the quality of your home. 

This in turn cuts down the turnaround time to build a house providing more affordable housing for everyone.

By changing what materials are used in building a home combined with highest quality finishes, skilled team work and 21st century assembly line, automation and technology you are able to achieve scale and lower prices like never before. 

Now you are able to configure the Nook in any design or shape that you prefer.

With more floor plans and designs being introduced you are sure to find the build you are looking for. 

Whether you are building multifamily apartments, duplexes, mother in law suites, granny flats, backyard cottages, mini homes the Nook and BoxdLiving are here to help you with your housing needs every step of the way.

Re-engineered, re-imagined and re-designed housing.